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Federal Employee Paid Leave Act

There is a recent update to this act, that people who are eligible for mandatory paid parental leave Federal workers will receive twelve weeks of paid parental leave.

These federal workers not only get time off, but also are paid for it now, as opposed to before when only time off was required to be accepted. 

New, important laws that you should know about.

Georgia House Bill 838

The bill is also known as the "Police Hate Crimes Bill." 

People who "intimidate, harass or terrorize" a police officer because the person was a police officer could be guilty of this crime. 

The bill also changed the name of the Office of Public Safety Officer Support in the state Department of Public Safety to the name the Office of Public Safety Support. 

New Laws

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Georgia House Bill 888

 This bill is also known as the “Surprise Billing Consumer Protection Act.”

The bill will keep patients in Georgia safe from receiving unexpected bills when they are getting services from an in-network facility. The bills makes in so that out-of-network providers cannot add surprise charges. 

It should reduce healthcare costs. 

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