Sara has been a wonderful resource, asset and voice of legal advice for our family. She took the time to know a family situation, listen carefully and patiently for hours, and has since stayed in touch and been available for ongoing help, legal counsel and a sincere and honest voice. She is personable, thoughtful and a great communicator, too. My family is immensely impressed and fortunate to know Sara. She has a rare ability to be human, humorous, sensitive and legally clear with her clients and client families. She gave us hope but also a deep understanding of circumstances and options. She made us comfortable but also did not give us false hope. She’s a wonderful blend of professional, competent, personable and kind. My family would recommend Sara without hesitation to anyone.


A former coworker even told Sara that this career "has been written in the stars" for her. 

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Sara, you have come through for me over and over and I’m eternally grateful. Always professional, you have treated me with respect and looked out for my best interests. The way you handled my personal injury case was very impressive. You managed the perfect balance between care for my health and results for my compensation.! 

                                                                Matt Mantooth - 10/22/2018

Sara and her legal team are the most conscientious, committed, thorough and intelligent lawyers I’ve had both in representing a Temporary Protection Order and a criminal case for unjustified, unsubstantiated charges/injustices inflicted against me by an ex husband and his wife. She also has faith and understands narcissism, parental alienation and my Christian faith Christian-it’s imperative to have a likeminded attorney representing you or you are going to waste A LOT of money and knock your head against the wall every time you communicate with them or they do something “for” you which is generally against your wishes/values based on their experience not yours. She’s walked the walk and can talk the talk as a victim. She speaks softly but carries a big stick in litigation. This allows her to put your opponent offguard thinking she’s a pushover. She and her team are brilliant (national and Atlanta expertise) in legal research and her background in civil, criminal and entertainment law is invaluable. I’ve been through some of the biggest, self proclaimed “best” and the most expensive attorneys in Atlanta to be sorely disappointed and sometimes misrepresented making my cases benefit them, not me and left worse off. Thank God after much prayer and frustration with my other lawyers, God finally lead me to her and her team through a reference. They communicate quickly, thoroughly and listen to/answer your questions not their agenda. They always weigh pros and cons of what I think I want them to do so when the decision is made I feel confident it’s the best one for ME not them. I have not found that in legal representation in the Atlanta area. You get a lot of song and dance with expensive lawyers. I wake up every day finally knowing that Sara and her team have my best interest and I can go about my day with confidence knowing they not only “believe me” but “believe in me” and know what they are doing to navigate the difficult and sometimes not so just justice system.
                                                                                                                                                                        Leianne Messina - 11/30/2020

"Attorney Eslami is such an amazing and professional young women!  I immediately felt comfortable and confident right from the start her handling my legal issues.  She handles my whole family's legal issues and is always willing to take on more in a timely, pro-active manner.  I recommend her to everyone and anyone who has a civil or criminal matter."          

                                                                           - VM -  2/20/2018

Sara was incredibly helpful in a domestic situation I never expected to find myself in. She made me feel at ease in a time of uncertainty, she dealt with the legal aspects that I didn't even know where to begin, and gave me personal, one on one advice- I don't know how I would have gotten through everything without her! Thanks for all that you do, Sara.


"Attorney Eslami works hard on her craft and it showed in my positive result of my case. She handled it with the utmost care, respect and professionalism. Thanks for your hard work on my case. God willing I will never need her again but I know who to go to for my legal issues."

                                                                           - VM -  4/2/2018

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This awsome attorney got my life back when others said it could not be done.... when I was falsely locked up on a probation she went straight to the D.A.'s off so I wouldnt have to plead guilty to a crime just to get out. Once she got to the D.A.'s office she attained the impossible and got me out on a probation bond under my own recognizance. They dont do that where I live.... after countless months of getting to know me on a personal level and gathering evidence she did what no one thought would ever happen -including myself- she not only got all my charges thrown out but also had all of the rest of my probation 3.5 years thrown out in 2 counties... today I'm as FREE as I've ever been in my life... I just want to say thank you Sarah Eslami Cox... you believed in me when noone else did... you never counted me out.... and in the end the TRUTH came out and Justice was truly served.... you are not only my attorney.... but also my HERO... THANKS FOR GETTING MY LIFE BACK SARAH.... THANK U THANK U THANK U


                                                                           - VM -  4/27/2018

A simple traffic stop turned into a nightmare. I'm glad I reached out to Sara because I had no idea it was headed that way. It's clear she cares about her clients and I appreciate her being straight to the point & concise. I can't thank Sara enough. 

                                                                             KM - 10/23/2019

Sara Eslami did an outstanding job on 3 of my cases in 3 different counties. Her time, knowledge and efficiency of the law was outstanding. She manage to get me time served And no further probation after 5 months on a remainder of a 7 month sentence in Gwinnett county and after a second violation of probation. She also managed to get my probation reinstated in Fulton county after a second violation of probation of my first offenders plea. (Amazing. Usually a 2nd violation carries 2year prison sentence). Finally, she got me an amazing deal on a Hall county case. She managed to negotiate a deal of DisorderlyConduct and Pills Not in an original container. My original charges were Aggravated assault, possession of methanphetamine, Poseidon of amphetamines, and Falsifying information to a police officer. Not only does she represent you well she also periodically checks in to see how you are even after her job is done. She makes you feel more like family than a client. I definitely recommended her out and would recommend as well as use her again. Thanks Sara... you rock
                                                                      S. Horne -  7/09/2020

"A women of the community and knowledge to help you get through rough times!"                                               

                                                                                      J.V. -  8/8/2016

"Attorney Eslami responded quickly to my call, I felt very comfortable meeting with her at her office as she was very understanding and friendly, she saved me a lot of time and money, therefore, I have started my new business . I trust her, I have already referred her to my friend and family. Thanks God Bless ."                                                - Laura -  8/11/2016

We handle criminal defense/DUI, traffic citations, business,  entertainment law, uncontested divorce, and civil litigation cases.

Attorney at Law

Where do I start. From the very first phone call up until now, she has been amazing, helpful, caring, and understanding. I can ask her anything and she will tell me not only the truth, but also that everything will be okay. I completely trust and believe in Sara because everything she has said, she has done. She put me at ease when nobody else could. Without her, I'd be lost, confused, and definitely stressed. So please, if you have any legal issues, call Sara. She will go above and beyond and make sure everything is okay. I recommend her to everyone that runs into legal issues. To me, she's the best and my hero. Thank you Sara!! 

                                                                Delania Johnson - 9/18/2018

Sara is a very tenacious and talented attorney. She assisted me and my family with a family law civil case and was excellent. She is very pleasant to work with, and is not condescending in any way. She looks out for her clients and is extremely thorough. I highly recommend her for all legal issues.

                                                                Jessica Simons - 6/12/2018

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